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Code Toaster Roadmap

 This is the Code Toaster development roadmap. Please comment if you have any suggestions or whatnot.

0.9 Release (December 2007)

  • Additional ActiveSnippets
  • Documentation (more and better)
  • Video Tutorials 
  • Keyboard shortcut mapping (map keyboard shortcuts to various Code Toaster commands)
  • Find in Files feature
  • CodeSmith template converter (temporarily{?} on hold, unless I hear a lot of people want this)

Concurrent Development

  • ToastedDAL: A full featured data access layer currently in development by Ben Black
  • SimpleDAL: A lightweight data access layer I’m working on.
  • DBDoc: A set of templates for generating database documentation.

1.0 Release (early 2008)

  • Iterative bug fixes
  • Other improvements to be determined, among those…
    • Convert the language parsers from native Win32 code to 100% .Net, which will enable…
    • Converting the application to run on Mono 2.2, which is scheduled to fully support .Net 2.0 System.Windows.Forms by end of 2007, and which would enable Code Toaster to run on any Mono supported platform.
    • Implement support for MySQL and Oracle databases
    • Implement XML schema support

Post 1.0

  • This is a secret. Lot’s and lot’s of really cool stuff. Shhh…

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