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Code Toaster

Note: Code Toaster has moved to

Code Toaster is a completely free rapid code generation tool. Although designed to make it easy to create code generation templates, Code Toaster can also be used to create and compile templates for use in your own applications.

The Code Toaster development roadmap can be found here.

Features include:

  • Easy to learn ASP-like syntax
  • C# scripting makes it easy for Java/C/C++ programmers to jump right in.
  • Full-featured “Intellisense” makes learning a snap. CodeToaster’s Intellisense could be classified as “better than VS.Net 2003, but not quite as good as VS.Net 2005”
  • Project based development makes it easy to manage references and resources. Develop a WinForms based UI or a class library in another .Net project, and include it as a reference!
  • .Net DLL output. Compile an entire project to a .Net assembly, and reuse it in other .Net projects! Makes it super easy to generate HTML email templates, CSV files, and a host of other applications 
  • “Child templates” make it easy to reference and call other templates in an object oriented fashion
  • Codebehind file support
  • Powerful text parsing features make it easy to insert generated text into existing files, or parse out blocks of text.
  • Event-based field validation makes it easy to implement custom user input validation.
  • Folder Resources make it a breeze to add entire directories as a compressed .Net resource that can be unzipped in one line of code from your template!
  • Easily debug your template projects in VS.Net without crashing/terminating the CodeToaster application when you’re done debugging! If you have VS.Net installed you can safely step through an entire template project’s source, with access to all of VS.Net’s debugging functionality (immediate window, watch windows, call stack, etc)
  • And much more! Documentation (in progress with many parts still missing) is included in the download (click Help from the menu).

Also see…


CodeToaster FAQ

CodeToaster vs. CodeSmith (a brief comparison).


  • A Windows-based PC running .Net Framework 2.0. If .Net 2.0 is not installed you can get it here.

Code Toaster is a threaded application (in the best way), and is prepared to take advantage of any extra processors/cores it finds on your dev box.

Download version 0.80 (beta) – updated Oct. 23, 2007

Word to Norken Technologies and Actipro Software, whose components I purchased wif my own monies, which make this little tool a lot better than it otherwise would have been.


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  1. doruk / Jan 16 2008 12:49 pm


    Thx for your tool, it is great work.
    However it is not working in 64 bit machines.
    I think you need to compile the tool for 64 bit configuration.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. Bob / Jan 16 2008 5:10 pm

    Hi Doruk,
    Most of CodeToaster is pure .Net, so it should JIT to 64 bit native code. However, there are a couple of third-party COM components that could possibly be causing a problem on a 64 bit box. Shoot me an email at rmblack at gmail dot com with some more specifics (your OS, processor, any errors you received when you ran CodeToaster, etc).


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