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October 11, 2007 / Bob Black

Code Toaster 0.8 in Beta

The next minor release of Code Toaster, which I’m calling version 0.8, is being tested vigorously by myself and a cadre of enthusiastic code generators. We’ve discovered it works well until you point the included schema provider for SQL Server at a SQL Server 2005 database. SQL Server 2005’s “new” schema ownership model (where objects are owned by schemas, instead of users) is confusing the tarnation out of the schema provider. A fix is in the works.

Actually, previous releases of Code Toaster probably should have been dubbed alpha releases, because they only worked for my needs (i.e. while running within VS.Net), and were only barely ready for public release (including the version {0.50} currently available for download from my downloads page).

This next version will contain numerous bug fixes and enhancements, most notably:

  • Enhanced Intellisense support, including member documentation (if available)
  • Enhanced error tracking (squiggly lines under errors in code)
  • Automatic template output language detection and coloring. For example, if your template generates SQL code, Code Toaster will detect that and color the output for the SQL language. Automatic language selection is only available for a few common languages, however you will be able to manually select from 13 different languages, including PERL, PHP, Phyton, SQL, C#, and more.

Also to be included in the next release will be a very simple Data Access Layer project, called SimpleDAL, which will generate lightweight and (hopefully) easy to understand code for accessing data. I’m calling it SimpleDAL after looking at several other DAL generators which seem to do everything but calculate the earth’s orbit speed around the sun.

And it’s free… like the wind.


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