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April 12, 2007 / Bob Black


I read about Firebug in a copy of “Dr. Dobbs” while killing time on MARTA, and was quite impressed, just from the article. So last week when I read Jeff Atwood’s post about using Firefox (with Firebug) for javascript development and debugging, I had to give it a whirl.

And wow. I’ve been missing out. For years, Microsoft has done an excellent job of cavorting with the developer community, but Firefox is holding out a silver platter of goodies for all the web UI folk.

I still feel that IE makes a better browser for the casual user. Like my Mom. And probably yours. It’s reliable and easy to use – Firefox is still a little quirky with things like selecting the URL in the address bar (the text selects/unselects oddly sometimes). However, Firefox is a nifty tool if you’re concerned about managing your Bookmarks, debugging javascript, and using plugins to “enhance the browsing experience”.

Anyway, if you’re a developer, you’ve got to give Firebug a try. Despite what I said in my last post (which was really bashing Firefox-crazed users instead of Firefox itself).


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