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March 30, 2007 / Bob Black

Try Firefox. Do it. Now.

I just visited a web site ( using IE 6 and was greeted by an enormous banner at the top of the page encouraging me to use Firefox. This is not the first such banner I’ve seen. It looked like this…

…and it hurt my feelings.

I understand a lot of people have strong opinions over their choice of browser, and many have completely lost their minds over the issue, but isn’t this a little over the top? The banner says to try Firefox because I’ll “like it better”. Why? Because, according to the last bullet point, I’ll be helping to save the world from Microsoft? Save the forests, heal the oceans, and all that?

Is is just me, or is the Firefox crowd starting to sound eerily like a horde of college protesters camped out on the dean’s front lawn? Instead of carrying banners down the sidewalk, they’re putting them at the top of their web pages.

Interestingly, the first two bullet points arguing for Firefox are about blocking popups, and how Firefox does it so much better than IE. OK, that may be true, but do I need to stop and download Firefox now, just to see your web site with the right margins and padding or whatever? And more importantly how can I block these banners urging me to switch browsers?

Seriously, the world is full of IE users. So adjust your beret, boot up your Mac, and fix your web site so it works in all browsers, not just the one you have a thing for.

[PS. I’m not really mad. But it’s fun to write like I am, heh.]


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