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January 2, 2007 / Bob Black

Nifty Tools ‘n’ Utes

I hope everyone out there enjoyed a wonderful holiday and New Year, as did I. I thought I’d continue the Christmas spirit of giving and so forth with links to a few of the nifty things I have in my Favorites:

JScreenFix is a nifty little ute that (supposedly, I haven’t actually tried it), fixes the annoying pixels on your LCD or Plasma monitor that don’t work right anymore.

Ever try to delete a file or folder only to discover that it’s already in use by another (unnamed) process? This little ute will not only let you know what that other process is, but it will free the file lock for you so you can successfully delete the file.
A delightful little collection of monospaced bitmap fonts designed for programmers, by a programmer.

CSS Cheat Sheet
A handy dandy quick reference for anyone learning CSS, or for old timers that need a quick refresher. Also looks cool hanging on your cube wall.

Cain and Abel
I recently came across this post on and found it interesting how easy it is (and also punishable by death in most organizations) to sniff out plaintext passwords from a corporate network using a little package called Cain and Abel. I have not actually tried this, but no doubt this tool could be used to tighten a network, or at least learn from.


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