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December 21, 2006 / Bob Black

Code Toaster

Arise my child… awaken. Yes… yes! It’s…. ALIVE! BWAHAHAHAHA!

There are still many bugs left to fix, but Code Toaster installs nicely, and can be used to generate simple and database driven templates, so I’ve made it available on the download page. I was surprised to realize the other day that I’ve been working on this little project for almost exactly a year now. I must say that the development was nothing compared to the packaging and testing undertaking. Getting a fairly large and complex application installed nicely was a bigger undertaking than I expected. And I’m still not finished.

The installation package was written entirely using Wix, which I found to be akin to programming in assembly (edit: in that both are low-level). I must say I’ve learned a lot about what makes an msi tick.

Anyway, download it, give it a whirl, and let me know how I can improve the thing. Hopefully someone out there will like it, which will make this little journey worthwhile. 🙂



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