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December 15, 2006 / Bob Black

Code Toaster

You may be wondering, “Wussup with Code Toaster?”

Weeell, I’ve been fixing bugs and perfecting my installation package, you see. I really don’t want to put it out here for everyone to download only to get inundated with emails about how it won’t run, templates won’t compile, strange errors are popping up, or what have you.

Which is what’s been happening in my test environment (a VPC running Win XP) for the past few weeks. I think I’ve gotten all the issues related to Dotfuscator straightened out, and the app is running nicely after installation (proving that the installer is laying down all of the required files), I just need to make but a few more tweaks before giving everyone, hopefully, a nice Holiday surprise.

Yes my friends, hopefully I’ll be able to make available the first ever public release of Code Toaster sometime next week, before I go on Holiday for Christmas to the lovely little tourist trap known as Myrtle Beach, SC, where I will be doing some winter-time ocean kayaking with my family.

So look for coolness in a few days. 



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