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October 10, 2006 / Bob Black

Google Code Search

So Google decided to buy YouTube. Yeah yeah, whatever.

I’m fascinated and excited over my most recent find: Google Code Search, which makes it easy to find regular expressions, search by language, and just… all kinds of stuff!

I’m guessing they’ll need to redesign the Google Labs page if they keep adding nifty stuff. It’s starting to get crowded. Not a bad thing though… not a bad thing at all.

Hurray for Google!

[Correction: Google Code Search lets you search using regular expressions. At first glance I thought it had the capability to search specifically for regular expressions. This is a very powerful tool, and quite honestly must’ve been difficult to code. How do you search millions and millions of documents using a custom regular expression, and do it within the blink of an eye? Just…just…wowzers.]


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