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October 9, 2006 / Bob Black


I was just trying to download an evaluation copy of the latest and greatest version of XMLSpy, when I suddenly got the distinct impression I was being watched. Like when Bugs Bunny is being hunted, and he looks at the camera and asks, “Did you ever get the distinct impression you were being watched? That a million eyes were upon you?”

Then my gaze slowly floated upwards until… AH!

I was being watched! By Miss Sneaky (or whatever)… see screen-shot below. What this has to do with XML is beyond me. I guess some bright egg in Marketing got the idea that developers are easily influenced into purchasing software by sexy eyes peering over a menu bar. Or maybe it’s Altova’s way of making XML seem stylish. A cross between Vogue and Dr. Dobbs perhaps?

Anyway, I’m off to evaluate XMLSpy, mostly indifferent to the fact that I was being observed whilst downloading said trial copy.




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