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October 9, 2006 / Bob Black

Mommy Microsoft

I’ve about had it with the VS.Net 2005 installer project… thingy. I don’t want VS.Net to try to locate dependencies for each assembly!

“Why not?”, you ask.

Because every time I rebuild my project, the installer project won’t build because it can’t locate all the dependencies. And I have to re-adding them back to the project. They’re still in the same place, with the same file names, but something gets “out-of-sync”.

Stop it Microsoft! Stop the pain! Stop the hurting! Stop assuming I want you to automatically locate all my files and build my installer project for me!

I’ve come to the obviously rather dramatic conclusion that VS.Net installer projects are fantastic for small, maybe internal applications with a few dependencies and whatnot, but for something like CodeToaster, which frankly is turning into a monster app, you need something obedient. Something that will do what it’s told. Something like…WiX.

Yes, my friends, it looks like I’ll be learning WiX after all. Because it lets me do exactly what I want to do, without automatically assuming I’m one of those developers that needs software to hold my hand. Like my little cousin, whose Mommy always held his hand while he went potty.

Hand holding is all good and stuff when you’re an infant (or young developer). But after years of, er… experience… hand-holding gets kind of freaky. In the real world, we have the option to say, “I don’t want you holding my hand, Mom! You’re weirding me out!”

And so on that note, I say to Mommy Microsoft: Git yo’ hand away from me! I don’t need your help!


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