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October 4, 2006 / Bob Black

Developer Developers… Developers?

Where are the good candidates? We’re not exactly looking for rocket scientists, but seriously – I wonder why the people I’ve interviewed so far even call themselves developers.

Q: What is a linked list?

A: Ummm… uh…

Q: What is normalization?

A: Der… uh…

Every single resume has looked fabulous – you’d think we were about to interview a star developer from Yale or somewhere. Which is why I don’t even look at resumes anymore. 9 times out of 10, it’s just one big lie. One guy we interviewed had a university degree and a Microsoft certification on his resume, both of which he admitted to not actually having completed during the interview.

I dunno. When I first started interviewing, the whole “lying” thing was a pretty big thing to me. I wanted to find someone with integrity and all that. Now I just want to find someone who knows what a database is and why a “developer” would need to know.

Maybe the problem is that I work for a mega law firm instead of one of those cool little Web 2.0 shops with the bean bags and whatnot.



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