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September 14, 2006 / Bob Black

GMail is Suhwheet!

More word on why GMail just totally rocks, following my earlier post. The law firm at which I am employed uses some new fancy Exchange archiving software that removes the actual email content from the Exchange Server. Actually, I’m not in infrastructure and really had no involvement in the project so I’m not sure how it works – I just know that since the little archiver thingy was installed MSN Desktop Search couldn’t find emails anymore – emails that were still present in my mail folders.

Google, however, retains its own copy of each mail message, so it doesn’t matter if the original message is still present in Exchange or not. If it ever passed through your Inbox (or Outbox) Google Desktop Search will find it.

Dude! What did we do before we had Desktop Search to cover our nether regions when the boss asked for that email we sent two weeks ago, or we forgot if we replied to the Director of Whatever’s email when a reply is expected by Friday?

Thank you GMail, for saving us all. 


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