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September 1, 2006 / Bob Black

Welcome to my blog

I’ve been writing one of those private blog thingies for family and friends only for quite some time now, and decided to maybe start a blog about technology and what have you like that thar. We’ll see how it goes anyway. If, as a matter of curiosity, you’d like to know more about who I is, click on over to the About tab and get yer eyes full. 

This blog will be about software related stuff, personal projects, findings, and interesting discoveries that may save another poor soul a few hours of trouble with some wild ‘n’ cwazy pwogwamming pwobwem (can I trademark that phase?). Generally speaking, how to make your code nice ‘n’ toasty, which would theoretically be a good thing, right? Right.

As Scoble says, Onward!

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